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Specialists in real estate tradingSpecialists in real estate trading
Course - the next group - 2014. Autumn-Winter session. Please, fill the form.
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Commercial science. Code 30 3411 LR IZ ministry registration certificate No. 3360800098 issued on May 21, 2001.

Length of studies: one month.
Study language: latvian, russian.

Necessary grounding and skills:
Secondary, secondary specific or higher education. Commendatory experience in construction, trade, law, work with clients and RE transactions. Age: above 18 years.

The basis of the educational process:
Tel./fax: +371 29105545;

Director: Svetlana Sokolova - Mobil tel.:  +371 29105545 
Study director: Raitis Kalninsh; -Mob.Tel.: +371 29101177

The educational program® has been prepared:

Grounding on the similar USA and European study programs and personal long-term practical experience and work in the education field and property and transactions in the RE market.

by Dr. Sc. Ing, RTU docent, real estate consultant - Raitis Kalninsh.

The form of the classes:

Lections, seminars and discussions; practical tasks:

    In the first part of day and in the afternoon (approx. 10.00 – 12.45 and 16.00 - 18.45); the particular schedule is co-ordinated with the auditors.
    Four days a week: (1/2/3/4/) or 1day per week - one manth.
Basic issues of the educational program:
  • Real estate (RE) marketing specialist, RE industry and its role in the state economy.
  • The concept, forms and limitations of RE – an insight in the chapter on rights of property by the Civil law.
  • Social role of RE. The state and municipally institutions of RE accounting, registration, control and supervision and their functions. State Land Service, Land Book register, etc.
  • General concepts of the business economy and basis, features, specifics, division (sectors) and analysis of the RE market.
  • Globalisation of the RE market. The Internet and the RE market.
  • Analysis of the purchaser’s psychology and basic business communication.
  • The most qualified ways of using of the RE, the concept of the value and methods of evaluation of the market value of the RE.
  • Basis of commerce (entrepreneurship), the according legislation. Commercial law. Entrepreneur – a mediator of a RE transaction, agent.
  • An insight in the chapter on obligation rights by the Civil law, transactions, contracts. Rights, obligations and liability of a RE marketing manager. Notary and notarisation. Court.
  • Transactions with RE. Scheme of RE trade process.
  • Banks, credits. The role of credit in RE transactions. Investments and investors.
  • RE Company and its management basis. Publicity.
  • Apartment property as a specific RE form. Legislation and transactions with apartments. Rent and rent market.
  • The general concept and significance of the businessman image.
During the study process in lectures, discussions, seminars and practical works the following issues are treated:

  • RE as a service, a vendible good and a source of profit.
  • The features of RE market and the economical characterisation and analysis of its resources.
  • The civil legislation concerning RE trade. Mediation and a mediator of a transaction. Mediation contracts, their types and significance. RE purchase contract. Earnest. Earnest contracts. Credit contract.
  • Power of attorney. Buildings, constructive elements, types, duration of exploitation.
  • The most advantageous use of RE, value, market value, price and methods of establishing the value.
  • Real estate trade as a type of the business activities. Advertising. The Internet. The general interactive database of the corporation NIMA, its role in the intensification of the work of an agent. Psychological evaluation of the seller, psychological types.
  • The entrepreneur as a mediator of a RE transaction – an agent. Principal. The company and its management.
  • The schemes and features of RE transactions - (sale, lease, rent, etc.).
  • The mutual relations and obligations of the agents. Remuneration of an agent.
  • The co-operation, relations and obligations of the agents.
  • The relations and obligations of an agent and a client.
  • The process of production and conclusion of a RE sales contract.
  • The financial sources of RE transactions, or how to obtain real estate.
  • The sequence of payments in RE transactions.
  • The concept of the hypothec and its role in the RE market.
  • An agent and the taxation.
  • The basis of image making of the businessmen.
The criteria of grading of the knowledge and skills gained during the educational process:
  • Knowledge of the RE trade as a form of business activities.
  • The ability to orientate in the legal aspects of RE - rights of property and obligation rights.
  • The knowledge of sources of information for RE market analysis.
  • The skills of detecting market value of various RE forms.
  • Orientation in the documents confirming the RE title of private and legal persons.
  • Orientation in the construction elements and materials of the buildings and their theoretical term of exploitation.
  • The ability to "read" the inventory files; plans of buildings and apartments; plot plans.
  • The ability to conclude a mediation contract with the client.
  • The ability to detect the amount of remuneration for the provided mediation services and to settle the payments with the clients.
  • The ability and skills to perform the accounting of the RE objects to be sold in the data bank of NÎMA on the Internet.
  • The ability to represent the RE objects, using the principle of choosing the most advantageous use.
  • The knowledge of exploiting the services of a notary in RE transactions.
  • The knowledge of registration (corroboration) of the RE title in the Land-book register.
  • The art of purposeful negotiations with clients.
  • Ability and desire to co-operate with other agents.
  • Orientation in the market prices of RE objects and services.
  • The knowledge of successful organisation and regulation of popularisation of the company and trade of RE objects.
Grading of the knowledge:
Control of the attended lectures,
Tests in practice and seminars,
Qualification test of the knowledge gained.

After audition of the lections, active participation in the discussions (seminars), practical works and the examination of the gained knowledge (passing the qualification exams) the auditors receive:

the Certificate on acquirement of the special course of the educational program "Real estate sales".

This certificate allows the person to obtain the CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE of the Latvian corporation of the real estate agents – NIMA, which allows the agent to be engaged in independent work of real estate trade in any business activity field permitted by the law within the territory of the Republic of Latvia.


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