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Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.  /20.12.2018/
Merry Christmas and happy New year!
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Latvija-100  /16.11.2018/
Sveicam Latviju 100 pastāvēšanas dienā
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Nice Ligo day!  /21.06.2018/
Sing Ligo, ligo and drink a lot of bear!

Katru gadu Jānīts nāca savus bērnus apraudzīt,
Vai tie ēda, vai tie dzēra, vai Jānīti daudzināja.
Gan tie ēda, gan tie dzēra, gan Jānīti daudzināja.

Lai Līgo dziesmas skaņi skan un alus kausos neaptrūkst.
Līgo! Līgo!
Vēlam priecīgus Jāņus visiem mūsu biedriem un klientiem
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About ES Regula   /22.05.2018/

Dear client!

We would like to inform you that we have taken the necessary steps to comply requirements
of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to provide high quality services and process data in accordance wits the GDPR


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Greetings with the Latvia State Independence Day!  /03.05.2018/
Best Greetings with the Latvia State Independence Annaunce Day!
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Happy Easter!  /22.05.2018/
We wish happy Easter for our Clients and Agents!
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Mācību sesija -   /22.05.2018/
Mācību kurss "Nekustamā īpašuma speciālists"
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NIMA - NISA Principal member  /29.12.2006/
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SIMA 2006  /18.03.2006/
Please, see our articles about FIABCI too. Unfortunately, today it's organization, which secretary general Bruno Crosby doesn't follows FIABCI Statutes and Code of Ethic.
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CEN BTTF 180 "Services of Real Estate Agents"  /15.11.2005/
CEN BTTF 180 "Services of Real Estate Agents" - 25.11.2005 in Berlin ( - first meeting.

Experts have to be nominated by national CEN (CEN - Europian Committee for Standartization ) member.
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2 FIABCI-LATVIA in Latvia  /06.09.2005/
As result of Bruno Crosby - FIABCI General Secretary - and some other FIABCI members, who don't want to know nighter FIABCI Ethic Code nor FIABCI Statutes, actions - today we have 2 FIABCI-LATVIA in Latvia. Please, see "NIMA&FIABCI-LATVIA expressed intrust to FIABCI Secretariat and 2004/2005 Board".
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NIMA&FIABCI-LATVIA expressed intrust to FIABCI Secretariat and 2004/2005 Board  /01.04.2005/
NIMA&FIABCI-LATVIA expressed intrust to FIABCI Secretariat and 2004/2005 Board.
Please, see Latvian oficial press "Latvijas Vestnesis" 24.03.05.

FIABCI-LATVIA membership list, published in and is falsified by Bruno Crosby. Legal and approved by FIABCI-LATVIA and FIABCI member's list you can see in FIABCI-Latvia part.
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FIABCI-LATVIA membership  /14.03.2005/
FIABCI-LATVIA should inform, that Lmtd. "ANNO" and its represetative Ms. Liga Andersone, as well as Lmtd."Investprojekt" and its representative Ms.Olga Grischenko refused their FIABCI membership.

FIABCI-LATVIA members list in and, published by FIABCI secretariat and its secretary general Bruno Crosby is not legal. Most of this members never was accepted by legal, founded and aproved by FIABCI in 1998 FIABCI-LATVIA.
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Worldwide Real Estate Events  /10.01.2005/
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Overall theme:

“Real Estate and the Transformation of Cities”

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FIABCI UK EVENT - THE FIABCI REAL ESTATE FORECAST 2005 - Tuesday 30th November 2005 - BOOK NOW!   /12.10.2004/
Please, you can see information in
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