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The Real Estate Brokers and Agents Corporation of Latvia, "NIMA" in short, is a public non-profit organization - a professional association of agents (vendors) in real estate market transactions - brokers and agents.
The "NIMA" corporation was established as a professional association in 1995, and currently unites over two hundred brokers and agents practising in Latvia, that may prove their belonging to the "NIMA" corporation and competence by “A Certificate of Competence” or “A Licence” issued by the "NIMA" corporation.

Purposes of the "NIMA" corporation:

  • to continuously promote and improve professional growth of its members,
  • to protect lawful and professional interests of its members,
  • to establish and consolidate free and cultural real estate market conforming to international standards in Latvia,
  • to cooperate with international associations and organizations of specialists in real estate agency transactions and to popularize its own and Latvian real estate market abroad.

Brokers and agents of the “NIMA” corporation have passed a qualification examination, proved their skills of practical activities, promised to observe professional ethics in fulfilment and observance of “The Code of Ethics” of the “NIMA” corporation.
In co-operation with Riga Technical University faculty of Civil Engineering, the “NIMA” corporation has established a specialized “Educational establishment for additional training of real estate specialists” “NIMA MAC”.
Its main task is to provide for professional training of the “NIMA” members and qualification improvement of brokers and agents, re-qualification of unemployed.

Happy Easter!
We wish happy Easter for our Clients and Agents!

Marry Christmass and Happy New Year 2014.

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Which was non professional?

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Sing Ligo, ligo and drink a lot of bear! Katru gadu Jānīts nāca savus bērnus apraudzīt, Vai tie ēda, vai tie dzēra, vai Jānīti daudzināja. Gan tie ēda, gan tie dzēra, gan Jānīti daudzināja. Lai Līgo dziesmas skaņi skan un alus kausos neaptrūkst. Līgo! Līgo! Vēlam priecīgus Jāņus visiem mūsu biedriem un klientiem NĪMA valde

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